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Fees and Services

Initial Consultation

£150 priced at £85 for a limited period

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This appointment is intended for new patients or returning patients who have not been to the clinic for 6 or more months. Full examination and explanation of our findings and what we can do to achieve your desired outcomes. This appointment is followed up with a C.A.R.E report emailed to you before the 1st adjustment appointment.

Adjustment Appointments

£75 - Package purchase savings available

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These appointments follow the initial consultation. The first adjustment appointment is a double appointment allowing time to discuss your C.A.R.E plan. If you would like to go ahead with your C.A.R.E plan we will ask you to reserve all your appointments in advance at a time that works well for you. The front desk team will help you with this. Standard Adjustment appointments are 20 to 25 minutes in duration.

Sports Therapy/Massage

£85 Initial / £75 Follow-up

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For sports injury or to improve sports performance. Also for deep tissue relaxation manage. Rehabilitate a sports injury or deep relief of achy muscles and joints. A range of techniques applied to stretch, stimulate and soften muscles and improve circulation and nerve function.

Membership Appointments

From £63 per month

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This appointment type is for our Self - Care community who attend for "Life Style Adjustments". Invitation only. Patients are invited to join our Membership once they have achieved full recovery after completing their C.A.R.E plan and they want to have proactive treatment to support their health and live their best life.