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C.A.R.E Plan © Methodology

After many years in the field, accumulating extensive "patient mileage" with my own hands, I've cultivated my proprietary C.A.R.E Plan to transform our patients' physical health. This plan isn't just my personal creation; it's the result of experience, continued education, and collaborative efforts within my team. Together, we engage in problem-solving and workshops, all with the ultimate aim of enhancing our patients' well-being. Below is an overview of the C.A.R.E Plan © methodology.


Calm your Symptoms

Once we've comprehensively assessed your condition and identified your desired outcomes, your initial session will include tailored advice and treatment aimed at soothing your system. Our approach typically results in a noticeable 30% reduction in symptoms after your first visit. Our primary guidance will focus on eliminating irritants to your body and calming your nervous system.


Adjust your Body

During your initial consultation, we'll pinpoint the specific areas of your body that are contributing to your symptoms. We provide a transparent explanation of the root causes of your symptoms, their impact on your daily life, and the estimated number of treatments required to alleviate symptoms while addressing the targeted areas of your body.


Resilience & Strength

Beyond immediate relief, we'll guide you in building enduring physical resilience and strength in your body to maintain the benefits of our treatment. This guidance spans throughout your C.A.R.E. plan and extends even after its completion, ensuring lasting results and improved well-being.


Enduring Health

After your body has been relieved of pain and weakness, we'll evaluate whether you might benefit from joining our membership community. This membership offer elective monthly adjustments that allows us to proactively detect changes in your body before they lead to pain or discomfort. It's a popular choice among our healthier and more active patients, ensuring ongoing well-being and proactive care.