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Osteopath Pitshanger

Health in Motion
54 Pitshanger Lane
W5 1QY
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Tui Na Massage

Tui-na (Chinese Therapeutic Massage) is closely related to acupuncture due to its use of the meridian system. It is often applied on specific acupuncture points, along certain meridians or an area of the body.

It is particularly beneficial for body aches, joint problems, back pain and neck stiffness. Tui-na may also help with many other disorders such as insomnia, diarrhoea and constipation; and as an alternative to acupuncture, it is particularly useful in treating infants and children.

Opening Hours

Appointments Available

Monday to Friday 8am-8pm
Saturday 8am-2pm

Most bookings are made by appointment.  We will accommodate walk-in appointments subject to availability.

Our Clinic

The clinic is located Pitshanger Lane, winner of The Great British High Street Award 2015, which is 15 minutes from Ealing Broadway. Our osteopathy clinic offers a contemporary, relaxing and professional environment that radiates health and wellbeing. When you visit our clinic on “the Lane”, you might also want to take a stroll around the local park before relaxing at one of the many locally run boutiques. From the delicatessen to one of the independent coffee shops.

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