Thoracic and rib cage pain

Thoracic and rib pain…we will call this patient Tim

Tim came to the clinic with a lot of pain and uncertainties about whether I would be able to help. Tim was struggling for 8 years, to sleep at least 4 hours per night. Also, was experiencing very severe episodes of constant back pain for a number of years. They were working up to 16 hours a day without any breaks. Tim could not practice any sport or activity as he was lacking time and energy. Also, their stress levels were very high which was not helping them with the pain management. Practically, the worst pain he was experiencing was rib pain going from the mid to the front.

How I helped…

During the initial, together with Tim, investigated his health, to find what could have caused his pain and what was the initial trigger for both his low back and his chronic stress developed over the years. After I found what could have caused all his complaints, we agreed that this would take some time but the consistency of the treatment and how often he would practice exercises I would give to him will be the key. I decided to prescribe a total of 8 sessions through which we would work to first relieve the pain and after consolidate what was done during the treatment through muscle activation and exercises. Together, we went through a series of Cranial, Visceral and MSK treatments associated with functional nutrition advice as well as stress coaching sessions which helped Tim to get some relief and improve his quality of life.


Tim is now sleeping again, he is having breaks during his shifts. Also, Tim is not experiencing any more pain now and he is progressively going back to practice his favourite sports such as running, swimming and football. He also appreciates his days off, a completely new thing for him, enjoying good moments with his family and friends.