Swollen Hands

Circulation Problems

Osteopathy & massage productsCirculation problems start once blood flow becomes restricted to certain parts of the body. Often people notice it at the extremities of the body such as the toes or fingers. However, it can affect everywhere.

One common cause is a build up of plaque on the insides of the blood vessels and capillaries.  This is usually caused by fat build-up on the inner cell walls.

In mild situations this can just cause a little discomfort. However, if it worsens it can become rather serious.  Some of these more serious conditions can be high blood pressure, heart problems, hypertension, organ damage, strokes, varicose veins, kidney issues, and other blood restriction difficulties which may arise.

Common causes of poor circulation

  • Years and years of no exercise can lead to bad circulation. It doesn’t happen overnight but usually creeps up on a person.
  • Eating too much unhealthy food which usually leads to being overweight is also a prime reason.
  • Smoking
  • Work related issues, such as sitting too long at a computer for years can cause these problems. Especially if you don’t take regular breaks or exercise a few times a week.
  • Pregnancy – Pregnancy can upset the normal blood flow of the body. As a baby grows it can put many demands on the mother’s body. Many of the nutrients a mother consumes are used by the baby in the womb. It is almost like the baby takes everything it needs, even if this is at a cost to the mother.