More Mile R2R Compression Cushioned Socks


More Mile R2R Compression Cushioned Socks are the standard setter in the class! With the facility to support the shin and calf when out running, reducing muscle fatigue and injury with a moisture management system to ensure that you are comfortable for the full duration of your run. The More Mile R2R Compression Cushioned Socks offers far more than any rival can begin to try and offer, so why not reap the benefits of proper technology in compression socks and you will always ask the question ‘why did I not take advantage of this a long time ago?’.

More Mile is a British sports brand established in 2001. We specialise in sports performance footwear, clothing and accessories. No matter what level of sport you partake, we have your needs covered. Our aim is to give you the right equipment, so you can perform to the best of your ability.


  • Pre-Exercise – muscle activation and reduction of injury risk.
  • During Exercise – optimized performance and stabilization reduce muscle strain.
  • Post-Exercise – quicker and shorter recovery phase.
  • Ventilation channels –  create a pleasant foot climate

Available in sizes
2 – 5
5.5 – 8
8.5 – 10.5
11 – 13