Cetuem Myo-Gel Ice Pack (100g)


Cetuem Myo-Gel Ice Pack contains natural camphor, menthol, spearmint oil, allantoin and pure aloe vera. It has a pleasant spearmint aroma which naturally evaporates cooling tissue that is swollen and inflamed. By this process the pain eases allowing tissues to move more easily.

How Cetuem Myo-Gel works: 
With any sprain, strain or bruise there is some bleeding into the underlying tissues. This may cause swelling, pain and delay healing. Cetuem Myo-Gel Ice Pack treatment may be used in both the immediate treatment of soft tissue injuries and in later rehabilitation. The aim is to limit the body’s response to tissue injury. Hence Cetuem Myo-Gel Ice Pack will:

  • Reduce bleeding into tissues.
  • Prevent or reduce swelling.
  • Reduce muscle spasm & pain.
  • Reduces pain by numbing the area.
  • Limits the effects of swelling.
  • These effects all help to prevent the area from becoming stiff by reducing excess
    tissue fluid that gathers as a result of injury and inflammation.