Black+Blum Bichotan Charcoal


Binchotan is an active carbon made from tree branches and is renowned for its ability to soften water, add good minerals and absorb unwanted tastes and odours, such as chlorine.

Binchotan active charcoal has been used in Japan as a water purifier since the 17th century. It reduces chlorine, mineralises the water and balances the pH. Aside from just making your tap water taste great, it has so many other benefits. It helps you make a delicious cup of tea that is crystal clear (avoiding the foamy scum that you can get with tap water). We have also been told that if you place a charcoal stick in your dogs drinking water, it stops them burning the grass on your lawn when they pee! Even when you are finished with the charcoal after six months of constant use, it can be used as a deodoriser to suck up and remove unwanted smells (such as those pongy trainers, or cheese drawer). Binchotan charcoal really is a remarkable material!

How Does It Work?

Simply drop & lock your charcoal into our EAU GOOD, EAU CARAFE, or any bottle for that matter. Fill with drinking (potable) tap water and wait for the charcoal to filter chemicals from the water. Leaving it overnight is ideal, but you will taste the difference after just one hour. Then, enjoy great tasting water!

  • It may seem counter intuitive to purify your drinking water with a stick of charcoal, but the Japanese have been doing it for centuries.