Featured Product – Shoe Insoles available at our clinic

Shoe insoles supplied by osteopathy clinic

Shoe Insoles – Supplied by Health in Motion Osteopaths


Shoe insoles – slim profile and very supportive







Why do we love these shoe insoles?

Shoe insoles can be a cost effective way to help our patients improve the mechanics of their feet.  This is true for those required to be on their feet all day; or take part in high impact sports / activities; or have a painful condition affecting their feet or ankles.  Our patients often complain that off shelf or even bespoke insoles can be too bulky to fit in many of their shoes.  Also bespoke shoe insoles (orthotics) prescribed and made by a podiatrist are often very expensive.

We have therefore sourced a full length shoe insole that is strong enough to give the required support, thin enough to fit in a variety of shoe types (from flat court shoes to boots) and will not make a huge financial dent.

The Slimflex green shoe insole sells at our shop for up to £20 and can be used “off the shelf” or customised for more complicated foot corrections.  In most cases we have sold them “off the shelf” without further correction.  We sometimes assess our patient’s gait and add a wedge to correctly tilt the feet (supination or pronation).  In most cases we provide treatment and tailored exercises to minimize the need for further correction to the shoe insole.

If you need a shoe insole for sports shoes, we may need to source a firmer version depending on the sport and other factors.

Call for advice and a consultation if you believe you are in need of a shoe insole.  You may also request a call back.

Product Features & Benefits:

  • Ideal initial introduction to orthotic therapy, perfect for first line treatment.
  • Perforated under layer to increase breathability and reduce the risk of hyperhydration.
  • High arch profile.
  • Hard wearing top cover.
  • Exceptional value for money.
  • Ideal to trial different postings at budget friendly prices.
  • Moulded EVA with a deep heel cup which allows greater foot control and correction when used with Podotech wedges.
  • Heat moulding possibilities which allows for off-loading implementation.
  • Antimicrobial cover to reduce odour and microbial colonisation.


Practitioner Usage tips:

  • Try using Slimflex Green with a 3.5 degree rear foot wedge.
  • Try using Slimflex Green with a kinetic wedge for a Hallux Limitus presentation.
  • Use a Slimflex Green orthotic with a Podotech 6mm heel component to treat achilles insertional tendonitis.