Sara Ferreira, Registered Osteopath, Ealing

I am Sara, an Osteopath full of energy and enthusiasm to help you in the best way. I am excited to meet with you and find out how I can help you. I invite you to be open and honest, I am not easily shocked! 

I am Portuguese and decided to come to the UK to study at the London school of Osteopathy. However, I fell in love with this city and ended up staying.

I am a martial arts lover and I have practiced Taekwondo since I was 10 years old. I was national champion for 4 consecutive years in Portugal. A physical injury during my 7 year career as a federated athlete led me to osteopathy, where this passion was born.

I love animals, I have 2 furry cats and my favourite animal is the koala. I like to walk and travel with my husband in my spare time. I published a children’s book in 2018, I am also a volunteer firefighter since 2008. I love Portuguese, Italian and Japanese food.

I am interested in the visceral, cranial and paediatric areas within Osteopathy and also trained in dry needling. However, I will not stop there, a healthcare career is a constant learning process. I intend to help patients become as independent as possible so that they can live the life they want with the highest quality of life.