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Thanks for booking with Health in Motion Osteopaths.  You have been directed to this page because we need to make you aware of our important policies and obtain your agreement to them before you proceed on your therapeutic journey at the clinic.  There are links to the full policy document under each of the following policy statements. 

If you have time, access our secure patient portal to complete or update your information  This will reduce administration time at your appointment. You will be directed there when you complete the form below.  You may also return to do this later at your convenience.


Informed Consent Policy

Our intention is that you are able to freely and happily give informed consent before we begin your therapeutic journey.  Your ongoing consent will be requested at every stage of your journey.  To make informed consent possible for you, the team will clearly explain; our findings, predicted outcome, recommendations, risks and benefits, and how we plan to achieve your objectives.  Depending on your case, we may propose a mixed mode of osteopathy intervention which may include the appropriate combination of face-to-face appointments, tele-osteopathy, prescribed exercises and other suitable methods.  Your wishes will be respected when we make our recommendations.  You are entitled to withdraw consent at anytime or ask to be seen by another practitioner at the clinic.  You are encouraged to seek whatever clarification you need at any stage of your therapeutic journey.


Privacy Policy

We strive to collect and store the minimum data necessary to comply with our professional code of conduct and provide you with a high standard of care.  All data is collected and controlled according to relevant legislation and regulations.  You have rights regarding our use of your data, which we will continually act upon.  You will be sent periodic broadcasts regarding access to our services. They will not be excessive or unnecessary.  An online account on our secure patient portal is automatically set when you book your first appointment.  You are required to access your account to submit and manage your data.  Read our full Privacy Policy on our website.

Read our Privacy Policy here


COVID-19 (Infection Control) Policy

We will remain up-to-date on prevalent risks to public health as notified by Public Health England (PHE).  We will follow current PHE recommendations for safe guarding patients, our team, and the community from the spread of known and highly infectious pathogens.  The current major threat is from the coronavirus which causes a disease known as COVID-19. 

A number of measures are in place to keep you safe while visiting our clinic for treatment:

  1. Our team will wear PHE recommended personal protection equipment (PPE) at all times
  2. All patients will be asked to sanitise hands on arrival and departure
  3. All staff and patients are screened before they arrive at the clinic
  4. NHS QR code is available to scan at check-in
  5. Patients must wear a face mask or other face covering
  6. Patients are required to cancel their appointment if they develop any virus symptoms
  7. We stagger patient arrival and departure times
  8. We sanitise all surfaces in the clinic rooms between appointments
  9. We develop a planned care package to move you through the clinic and through your treatment plan as rapidly as possible
  10. We will immediately close and follow PHE procedure if we encounter a suspected case of an infected person on the premises

These measure are robust during all 3 tiers of COVID-19 restrictions and lockdown.  All of our measures are in line with Public Health England guidelines for independent healthcare settings.  Even with these measures in place however, the risk to you and our team of becoming infected with coronavirus or any other infectious pathogen cannot be completely eradicated.  

You must call / text to reschedule your appointment if you develop any of the known symptoms of coronavirus. Please check the gov.uk website for up-to-date information of known symptoms.  There is no fee for late cancellation.  Call 020 8991 5280 or Text/WhatsApp 07484930416

Read our COVID-19 Policy here

Find out how to report your contact at Health in Motion with Test and Trace if you test positive for Covid-19.

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