Differences between physiotherapy and osteopathy:

A frequently asked question by our patients at Health in Motion clinic is, “What is the difference between an osteopath and physiotherapist?”. Although there are now many similarities between physiotherapy and osteopathy, the two professions originated from quite different roots, therefore the greatest difference today is found in the ideology and training.

As physiotherapy has been an intrinsic part the NHS for many years, physiotherapists have to work with a diverse spectrum of conditions, not only conditions associated with the musculoskeletal system but also conditions ranging from breathing problems to post-operative rehabilitation.

Osteopathic treatment looks at the whole person in order to put the patient’s presentation into context, looking initially at the balance and symmetry of the body, and then looking at the physical, mechanical and neurological context of the problem. On the other hand, physiotherapists follow a protocoled approach in order to localize tissues causing symptoms.

Benefits of combining both treatments at the Health in Motion clinic:

The aim of incorporating physiotherapy in our clinic is to offer a number of different treatment modalities which together would lead to whole body healthcare.

Here at Health in Motion clinic we offer a unique, multi-disciplinary treatment and rehabilitation service which draws upon the skill and expertise of our diverse range of practitioners. With leading Osteopathy, sports therapy and acupuncture as well as physiotherapy now, our aim is to provide our patients the very best of our treatment modalities while getting them back to health and fitness.