Paying for Osteopathy with Health Insurance 

Osteopathy is an Allied Healthcare profession and we are regulated, by law, by the General Osteopathic council.  The cost of our treatments is usually  be covered by your Health insurance policy or Health cash plan.  We are registered with the major insurance companies apart from AXA and Bupa Uk.  Pre registration is not usually required for you medical cash plan provider.

Health Insurance Policy

If you wish to have your treatment covered by your insurance policy,

  1. Contact your insurance provider to get a pre-authorisation code for the treatments. Give your insurance company our practice details and a practitioner name from our clinic. Make sure you are aware of the number of sessions they have approved. Make sure you have asked for osteopathy treatment.  You referrer (GP or specialist) may need to recommend osteopathy specifically.
  2. Make your initial appointment with us here.
  3. We will give you a diagnosis, treatment plan and schedule your future appointments which you may pay as you go or pay for in advance.
  4. We will provide you with the receipts you need to make the claim.  We can insert the authorisation codes if you wish.
  5. Claim a refund from your insurance company.


We are currently registered with the following insurance providers.  We may be able to obtain registration with other insurance companies by request.  We have terminated our contracts with Bupa and AXA.

CIGNA – you may be able to self refer for osteopathy with this policy

Cash Plan

Usually pre-authorisation is not necessary for a cash plan claim and you may self refer for treatment with us.