Osteopathy at special prices via our pay-it forward scheme


You can obtain osteopathy vouchers at special prices via our pay-it forward scheme

Closure of the clinic due to COVID-19 has taken its toll on our cash flow yet we need to make expensive purchases to become operational again. Furthermore, we will have to run at reduced capacity to ensure enhanced infection control and social distancing within the waiting area. Therefore, we have come up with this amazing win-win scheme to provide cash flow for our clinic to fund all necessary modifications.

Support our pay-it forward scheme and obtain osteopathy vouchers at special prices as detailed below:

£67 now £60 Face-to-face osteopathy voucher
£35 now £30 – Tele-osteopathy via video call voucher
£100 now £80 – Face-to-face and video tele-osteopathy combo voucher

These vouchers have no expiry date and can be gifted to family and friends. Those who participate in the scheme will have the vouchers credited to their clinic account (for convenience and infection control purposes). An account statement will be sent as confirmation.

I would like to repeat my thanks to those who have already supported this scheme. We have almost reached the first £1000 milestone of this funding project. Our target is £6000 by 28th May 2020 when the scheme ends.

Here are some ideas if you are interested in supporting our clinic in anyway.

1. Read our pay-it forward story and share it via facebook / social media. Also leave a review on our Facebook page. You could also share this email with contacts that may be interested.

2. Visit our pay-it forward crowd fund page to purchase reward vouchers as described above. You can leave a small donation if you want to support us but would rather not pay for treatment at this time.

3. Book online now to make an appointment for when we re-open. You can check each osteopath’s availability online.

4. Do you know of any reliable suppliers of infection control consumables or PPE to primary care / allied health professionals. Please let us know and introduce our clinic.

5. If you know of a local business who would like some help setting up a paying forward crowd fund page – put them in contact with me.