How to prepare for an Osteopathy Video Consultation

Read these notes if you have booked an osteopathy video consultation, or if you are interested in booking one.  If you had a triage call with the osteopaths, they may have recommended a video consultation.  These notes will help you prepare for the video consultation, to enable it to run as smoothly as possible.

Decide if an osteopathy video consultation is right for you

  • If you just need general information and self-care tips, use our website.  A triage phone appointment will be sufficient for sign-posting you to other services or self help resources
  • You don’t need a video consultation if a phone call will do.  Video consultation will be useful for an initial or follow up osteopathy appointment as your movement, and posture can be observed which will help with diagnosing and managing your condition.
  • Video consultations provide more visual information and can be more reassuring if you are anxious.
  • Our osteopaths are working from home to comply with social distance regulation.  Therefore, we are using video to support patients who cannot come to clinic.

What to wear

You may attend the video consultation fully dressed.  Wear loose comfortable clothing.  You can point out body locations over clothing.

Set up your device before your video consultation is due to begin

  • A good broadband internet connection is best, mobile data connection is less stable.
  • Use a computer, tablet or smart phone with a built-in camera and microphone.
  • Place your device on a stand if you are using a tablet or mobile phone.
  • Test your audio and video connection and adjust the settings so you can see and hear well (or get someone to do this for you).

Set up your room

A quiet place where you won’t be disturbed is required for privacy and to ensure we make the most of the time available.

Connecting to your appointment

  • You will be sent a link for the video consultation once it is booked
  • Just before your appointment time, click the link and wait in the virtual “waiting room”.
  • When you are greeted by the osteopath, say hello or wave. You may both have to fiddle a bit to get the sound and picture working well.
  • The osteopath should have your phone number, in case the connection fails
  • Look at the screen, there’s no need to look directly at the camera
  • If all goes well, the call will feel like a face to face appointment
  • Use the screen camera to show things (e.g. a swelling or the location of your pain)
  • If you get cut off and can’t reconnect, wait for a phone call
  • Write down any advice or instructions, and make sure you understand the next steps (e.g. when to expect an exercise plan, when to book the next video or phone consultation, or how to prepare to attend a clinic visit.)
  • When you’ve both said goodbye, disconnect.

The session is not recorded, but the osteopath will make notes for your file.