Adversity to Triumph – Osteopathy treatment for Sports Injury

Osteopathy treatment for Sports Injury –  a total body approach

With London Marathon 2017 done and dusted – our thoughts turn to the many patients we have helped to achieve their sporting goals. Each case has been very satisfying for us to get involved with because our patients have been very much on board with our approach and have adhered to our rehab programs and training modifications. Osteopathy for sports injury has not always been the obvious choice – many default to the services of physiotherapists.  However – our reputation in sports therapy is growing as patients have benefited from an approach which integrates total body biomechanics.  At the Health in Motion clinic, we like nothing more than to see people thrive and achieve their goals.

Case examples of Osteopathy treatment for Sports Injury.

Our osteopaths have provided three case examples that illustrate the winning combination of patient determination and osteopathy treatment.

Sports Injury, Health in Motion Osteopaths
Lola Phillips, Practice Leader, and Registered Osteopath – Osteopathy treatment for Sport Injury


Chris, a very capable triathlete, visited me with a knee pain that was limiting his running distance and target speed.  The conclusion reached by his consultants and other professionals was that he should give up running.  As Chris was determined to continue in the sport I looked for other areas of his body that would provide scope to improve his running mechanics and therefore prevent irritation to the knee.  The main area for improvement was the ankle on the same side, which had been injured many years ago and was malfunctioning, unknown to Chris.  Chris now continues to compete in triathlon events.  Once I  had manipulated the ankle joint and the corresponding sacroiliac joint – Chris reported that the knee was gradually improving and he was soon back on track with training and competing.  Here are a few kind words from Chris

Sports Injury - Health in Motion Osteopaths
Triathlete Chris – Successful recovery from debilitating Knee Pain.  Osteopathy for Sports Injury.

“When I came to see Lola in February I had been suffering from a debilitating knee issue for a few months. I had been to see a physiotherapist and a surgeon and I was told that I should not run again. I was recommended to see Lola at that stage. After a couple of visits I started to lightly run again and within 2 months I was back doing triathlons. I think the different approach Lola took to the treatment and the open mind that she looked at my injury with meant that she was able to determine the correct treatment for me where others had misdiagnosed and written me off.  My treatment at Health in Motion was fantastic and I have felt great since! “

Sports Injury, Health in Motion Osteopaths
Eds Chesters, Practice Manager, and Registered Osteopath – Osteopathy treatment for Sports Injury

Marathon Runner

Rose has always been a good runner, sporty and active with no significant injuries in her 35 years. Having run a marathon in 4 hours a few years ago – and after having 2 beautiful babies – Rose had the good fortune to win a lottery place in the London Marathon 2017. Training was going well until 10 weeks before the event when she started getting worsening calf strains and pain after the longer runs.

We put together a treatment plan to address the calf pain and to work through other shortened muscle in posterior muscle group – the chain of muscles which develops power from the lower back down to the big toe.

A stiff right ankle, although not painful or even noticed by Rose, was contributing to a compensating right calf. A subtle lack of rotation through the lumbar spine would not cause any problems under normal circumstances, but when multiplied by 100,000 steps a week….

Rose was following a tried and tested marathon training program which I fully endorsed, however, I believe the “one-legged downward dog” achieved a powerful stretch through the Achilles tendon and prevented her calf muscle from repetitively straining. I also prescribed some core strengthening to improve efficiency in her running gait.

Sports Injury - Health in Motion Osteopathy
Jon Juviler, Associate Registered Osteopath with Patient Laura, Marathon 2017 runner, who received Osteopathy treatment for Sports Injury

Marathon Runner

So, after months of hard work and some blood, sweat, and tears Laura completed her first London Marathon in 2017!  I first met Laura in December 2015 when she presented with pain in her right knee which had come on during a half marathon. She was in the early stages of training for the 2016 London Marathon. Over a series of osteopathy treatments, the injury healed and Laura felt stronger.  However, for the sake of achieving complete recovery Laura was unable to keep on top of her training program we both decided to put the brakes on her training for the marathon. This was a tough decision to make but we thought the right one at the time.

Fast forward a year – Laura was determined to try again! To prevent injury and keep Laura on track with her demanding training program, Laura attended regular osteopathy session for joint and muscle conditioning and followed my prescriptions of strength training exercises. Laura’s story sums up how a person’s determination will do whatever it takes to get over the finish line.  Here are a few kind words from Laura –

“I started seeing Jon a year ago for a running related injury and had to drop out of my plan to run the marathon. With Jon’s help, I finally managed to cross the finish line of the London Marathon this year. I’d seen a variety of Physio’s and osteopaths and knew instantly with Jon I was in good hands. His warm nature and great advice has got me to where I am today.”