How to access an Osteopathy consultation during the Covid-19 lockdown

Updated 7th April 2020

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Osteopathy during COVID-19The osteopathy clinic is still open but we are doing things differently.  Firstly, our osteopaths are offering remote consultations from home.  Secondly, in exceptional cases, a limited number of patients may be invited to receive treatment.  However, strict criteria must be met by those who require clinical visits.  Clinic visits are to be kept to a minimum to protect patients, employees and the public.  If a clinic visit is not deemed appropriate for your case, our osteopaths will help you remotely.

Can a remote consultation substitute a physical consultation with an osteopath?

We believe the answer to this is yes, in the situation where the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus outweighs the benefit of having a physical treatment for a non life threatening condition.  Osteopathy has always involved a joint course of action between the practitioner and patient.  An Osteopath’s most powerful skill is their ability to generate a number of possible diagnosis from the description of your condition and how it is impacting on normal life. 

The use of video will enable your osteopath to observe movement, posture, and safe tests that you are asked to perform.  This in turn enables us to narrow down the range of possible diagnosis to a working hypothesis.  Where appropriate we can instruct you in some self manipulation and a few focused exercises.  All exercises given will be followed up with an emailed exercise prescription specific to your condition and physical ability.

At the end of the video consultation, you will receive a clear plan of the support you will receive from us and what we need you to do between consultations.  We will also map out the progress we expect you to make over the next 3 to 4 weeks.

How to book an osteopathy consultation during COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Contact us, by phone or online to  book a triage phone consultation.  Call 07484 930416 or book online here.

2. Triage (phone) consultation.  Duration up to 10-minutes.  The possible outcomes are;

  • Sign-post, if your condition is out of scope of osteopathy consultation.
  • Recommend you attend a video consultation at a time to suit you.
  • Invite you for a clinic treatment, if you are considered a serious acute case. You may be recommended to attend a video consultation first.

3. Sign-post – You will be directed to other services if we assess that your condition is NOT a musculo-skeletal condition. You may be sent a GP referral letter if necessary.

4. Video Consultation. Duration 30 minutes. You will be recommended to attend one of these appointments if we assessed that you have an in scope  musculo-skeletal condition (ie you have signs and symptoms involving joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, nerves that cause pain and affect normal movement).  Your condition will be evaluated in detail.  A diagnosis (working hypothesis) will be explained and next steps mapped out.  A prescribed exercise program specific to your needs will be sent to you via email. The exercise plan will include a description of your condition and other self help advice.

5. Invite for you for a clinic visit.  Duration 20 minutes.  Prior to your visit, you will be required to complete a consent form via email, and to make payment online. The treatment room will be thoroughly cleaned in-between clinic visits.  You may be required to wear a face mask.  Your osteopath will be wearing a face mask and other forms of PPE as required.  You may decline a clinic visit if you are invited.  We would then offer to help you manage your condition remotely if appropriate.

6. Shielding.  You will not be invited for a clinic visit if you are medically vulnerable or living with someone who is. In these circumstances, you will be assisted with remote (video or phone) consultations.

7. Information about our fees can be found here.

8. Our COVID-19 policy can be found here.

9. Guidance on how to prepare for a video consultation can be found here.