Our osteopaths will be available during second phase of COVID-19 lockdown

Update on temporary clinic closure & planned re-opening date

We are pleased to announce that our osteopaths will be available during the second phase of COVID-19 lockdown.

The clinic will be open from the 26th May 2020.  You may book a future appointment now!  We will be working at reduced capacity to achieve social distancing for visitors.  Those of you who were in the middle of a treatment plan will be contacted by phone and offered appointments as priority. We plan to do these calls within the week commencing 18th May 2020.

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As many of you are aware, the clinic has been closed since 23rd March 2020. Osteopathy is an essential healthcare and the clinic would have been permitted to stay open. However, without the necessary modifications to equipment and processes, this was not appropriate.

The date for re-opening is constantly under review and we will keep you  updated if the above plan changes.

What has changed to enhance infection control?

  1. We have purchased clinic equipment that can be easily sanitized after every appointment.
  2. Clinic linen will no longer be used, patients will be asked to keep one comfortable layer of clothing on during treatment.
  3. Osteopaths will be wearing face masks, gloves and aprons.
  4. The clinic shop will not be open for passing trade until further notice.
  5. We will stagger patient arrival and departure so that social distancing rule is observed in the shop.
  6. Reception staff will be wearing face shields or face mask.
  7. We will require you to pay in advance of your appointments by electronic invoice
  8. Team members will not come to work if there is a suspicion of being infected with the virus or knowingly had contact with anyone within their social distancing bubble who has symptoms.
  9. Patients will be asked not to attend appointments if there is any suspicion of viral infection.  They will be asked to cancel their appointment as soon as possible.  There will be no cancellation fees for short notice cancellations.
  10. We are trying to reduce paper passed between the clinic and patients, we will use electronic communication for form filling, appointment notifications, receipts, etc.

Options for people who need our help but need to be shielded; do not want a face-to-face appointment; or do not live locally to the clinic.

We have introduced Tele-osteopathy appointments via video calls. This has been used during lockdown for some very painful acute cases and have proved to be very effective.  Tele-osteopathy appointments are 30-minutes duration for a fee of £45.

First of all, you will have a 10-minute phone triage to make sure your condition is within the scope of a tele-osteopathy appointment. If your condition is out of scope, we will signpost you to the appropriate services.

You will be given instructions to help you prepare for the video call.

Options to get osteopathy help before the clinic opens

If you are unsure about what to do next, you can contact us via WhatsApp chat by using this link Clinic WhatsApp

Tele-osteopathy appointments can be booked now. Click here to book a tele-osteopathy appointment online