Clinic Open days over the Christmas and New Year

At this time of year, our clinic gets amazingly busy with people seeking treatment while they have a few days off work.  Therefore I am taking the time, before things get too busy, to let you know the days the clinic will be open and closed over the Christmas and New Year period.  If you know anyone that can use our help during this time, please pass on the information.

Health in Motion Osteopaths Open days over Christmas

Saturday 22nd December – Open (Lola, Eds, Emanuele)

Monday 24th December – CLOSED

Tuesday 25th December – CLOSED

Wednesday 26th December – CLOSED

Thursday 27th December – Open (Eds, Emanuele)

Friday 28th December – Open (Eds)

Saturday 29th December – Open (Eds, Emanuele)

Monday 31st December – Open (Eds)

Tuesday 1st January – CLOSED

Wednesday 2nd to Saturday 5th January – Open (Lola, Eds)


We have an out of hours service that will take calls and book appointments while we are closed or unable to pick up the phone.  Any voice messages  are immediately emailed to us so we can respond to them as soon as is practical. Call the usual phone number for our out of hours answering service 020 8991 5280.  You may also book appointments online here.


Other News

If you are interested in buying gift voucher for friends and family, please see details of our current special offers here.

Please continue to support Health in Motion Osteopaths by referring us to people you know can use our help.  Patient referral works well for us and we are eternally grateful for those of you who do this.  You can engaging with us (if that’s your thing) on social media regarding updates, special offers and events.

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