Poor breathing mechanics at the root of pain and poor sleep.

We helped Sarah, aged 40 with her upper back and neck pain which was stopping her from sleeping properly. It turned out it was being caused by a dysfunction of her breathing muscles.
She’d had a traumatic event occur in her life and since then had been holding herself in a protective and unnatural posture.
This led to a reduction in the efficiency of her diaphragm (the biggest breathing muscle) from functioning as it should and as a result the other breathing muscles located in her upper back and chest had to over work which led to her pain.
Using very gentle treatment we were able to restore more normal function of her diaphragm which helped reduce the burden on the other muscles. Within two sessions, Sarah’s sleeping pattern and discomfort had started to improve. Sarah was given some breathing exercises to do which helped to underpin the treatment.
What did I learn from this? 
I learnt that stress plays a huge role in musculoskeletal health and the importance of stress management is key to general wellbeing.