Locked DOWN – but not OUT. Osteopath Clinic OPEN

Lockdown 3!  As a healthcare provider, our clinic is permitted to remain open during lockdown, and you are permitted to attend healthcare appointments.  We remain vigilant regarding our team’s health and have protection measures to protect you during your visit. Stay safe and remain Covid-19 vigilant regarding your heath and those close to you.  Find out more about our enhanced measures to keep you safe during your appointments.

Please continue to take care.

New Years Promotion

We’re offering £10 off new patient and reassessment appointments to celebrate the start of a (hopefully) better year. Make 2021 the year you prioritise your health. Be sure to mention the code WEB10 when calling in to book your appointment. Happy New Year!


Collaboration with SA Dance

We were recently approached by SA Dance to be part of their 12 days of Christmas project highlighting businesses in the Ealing and Pitshanger communities. We were amazed by the talented dancers that stopped by our clinic. Thanks for thinking of us!




Winter Gift Voucher Sale for Osteopathy treatment

Our osteopathy treatments are suitable whether you have a persistent problem or you want a check up and preventative treatment for your muscles and joints.   You will benefits from our treatments whatever your age or stage in life.  Call our clinic if you would like to buy any Winter sale gift vouchers or a loved one, or you want to treat yourself.  The voucher, valid for 2 visits, is at the very special price of £120.  Will save you up to £27 on the original list price.

Single visit voucher can be bought at original list price.  The current list price for our treatments  can be found here.






  1. Sale Vouchers can be redeemed from 1st January 2021.
  2. Valid for 2 years – after expiry vouchers will be taken as part payment.
  3. Vouchers may not be combined with other promotions.
  4. The voucher must be handed over to the clinic when you arrive for your first appointment.
  5. None promotional vouchers are purchased at list price.
  6. Offer ends 22nd December 2020.



Dear Men – Why I might refuse to give you treatment

The month of Movember is important to me, as it reminds me what my most important role as an osteopath is. Osteopaths and other Allied Health Professionals undertake years of rigorous training to learn their craft and serve their patients’ needs for diagnosis and treatment. However, I feel that the single most important part of my training is to judge when NOT TO TREAT a patient, because I suspect that their symptoms may be caused by something that falls outside my area of expertise.


A great example of this is a consultation I had with an active, fit man in his mid 50s just the other day. He was complaining of a long history of back pain, which in recent months had changed in character and intensity. Based on his age alone, I was already alert to the fact that he was in the broad risk group for prostate cancer. Because of this, I lined up my questions to screen for any signs that his complaint could be of a sinister cause. Before I could get into questioning him, he told me that he had recently been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer.


Now my job was made a little easier. Instead of thinking ‘could this guy have cancer’, I was then thinking ‘what has caused the pain behaviour to change recently’? I followed his declaration with a string of screening and diagnostic questions. From his answers, I was satisfied that his pain was due to a recent change in his work circumstances and that the pain behaviour was consistent with musculoskeletal pain. I relayed that conclusion to him, but followed with, “Mr X, my treatment is going to make your back feel a lot better, and I’m going to guide you as to how to look after your spine so a new normal is established for how your back feels. I want you to have awareness of what your new normal is, because in the future, should there be a marked change in the pain behaviour of your back, I want you to get it checked out immediately.”


“Why do you say that?” he asked.


I explained, “Well, because of your cancer diagnosis. You are going to want to make sure that there is no spread to the spine.”


“Now that’s what I was worried about!” he admitted. The room felt lighter because he had got something off his chest that he’d not had the opportunity to discuss with anyone else before. His worry was not about his back pain – he had admitted to a long history and no curtailing of usual activities, including sport. His concern was whether or not his back pain was linked to his cancer.


Often, people consult Dr. Google for something like back pain. Once you confirm you are a male in your 50’s, you are confronted with the horror of different cancers and other scary illnesses. Diagnosis is never that straight forward. Context is everything. Being able to quickly differentiate a pattern of symptoms quickly means you can put your patient’s mind at ease or direct him to seek investigation from another specialist.


My Dad died 6 years ago due to a very aggressive form of prostate cancer. He was definitely in that generation of men who put up with or ignore early signs and seek help when it’s too late. He was also diabetic, so the symptom of increased urination had not been differentiated and investigated. Sadly, he did not confide in me either. Maybe I should have known, because he’d refused several invitations to spend time with me in London, preferring to stay in his home in the Midlands. Another clue to differentiating symptom progressions is to ask what else is changing your life. Are you avoiding an activity you used to love or take for granted?


So to all you men, young and old, don’t rely on Dr. Google. If you have symptoms that are not disappearing on their own by taking reasonable self-care measures, get expert advice from someone skilled to differentiate symptoms. Often, it is nothing sinister, but do you want to risk not knowing?


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Musculoskeletal Practitioner – 2 Vacancies London.

We are expanding our team sooner than planned.  Since the first lock down, our clinic has become busier than ever.  The current climate is challenging in many ways, but our team is excited by the many new and enduring opportunities that have materialised.

We are offering 2 full-time EMPLOYED positions within our fun, professional and highly reputable clinic.  We welcome applications from recently qualified OSTEOPATHS, CHIROPRACTORS and PHYSIOTHERAPISTS.


You are going to thrive with us if you are…

  • aware of your SUPERHERO qualities.
  • energetic, goals oriented, patient-focused.
  • a team-player and willing to go the extra mile.
  • an excellent communicator.
  • friendly, honest, and professional with integrity.
  • seeking professional and personal growth.
  • a caring and credible ambassador for health and wellness.


Your time with us will be rewarded with…

  • Full time employment with basic salary +performance related pay +pension contributions +other benefits
  • Career progression
  • 4 weeks intensive training and coaching on technique, list building, patient retention, commercial awareness, performance consistency, patient safety on the frontline, self care.
  • Mixed mode working from both the clinic and from home
  • Free on-site CPD and team building activities
  • Daily support from the front of house team.
  • Weekly training on subjects of your choice.
  • Exposure to paediatrics, peri-natal, geriatric, sports injury, co-morbidities.


Local Community

The clinic is located on Pitshanger Lane in the green leafy London Borough of Ealing.  The Pitshanger Village serves a cosmopolitan and multi-generational community, reflected in our client base.  The area is surrounded by a large area of connected green spaces which includes the Thames, River Brent and the Grand Union Canal. There are plenty of schools for all ages and multiple transport links into Central London.


How to apply

The last day for applications will be 22nd November 2020.

For more information about our clinic visit our website.

To apply using this link to send your CV and contact details.

We are open!

As an essential healthcare service, we will remain open during high and very high alert levels. We are staying vigilant to the changing government safeguarding guidance and will keep you updated with any changes.  Find out more about our safety measures to keep you safe during your appointments.

Autumn Check-Up Offer

If you haven’t been in to see us since re-opening or you are aware of friends and family requiring our help, we are offering a 25% discount for check-up appointments scheduled between 1 Oct 2020 and 15 Oct 2020.  Please reference this offer (WEB50) when booking your appointment on the phone – 020 8991 5280.