New Patient Experience – Special Offer

Pay for your first consultation and get the next follow-up appointment for free!

Are you having problems with your back? … Neck? … Shoulders? ….Knees? …. Hips? ……Headaches?

Do you want diagnosis, reassurance and a clear plan of action?

If yes then please book our New Patient Experience package between 21st March 2022 and 2nd April 2022. This is a prepaid package consisting of 2 appointments for a very special price of £80. This will save you £67. The first appointment must be attended during the above dates. The follow-up appointment will be booked at a time that suits you within the following 7 days.

Get effective treatment and advice from experts in musculoskeletal health.

Click this link to the website for examples of the conditions we treat.

Two ways to book
1. Fill out the registration form below. One of our team will call to confirm your appointment and collect payment.

2. Book and pay online. Use this link

We have a set number of appointments available between the 21st of March and the 2nd of April, so if you need our help, do not delay. Book now!

We look forward to meeting you!

1. This offer cannot be combined with any of our other promotions.
2. You must pay for this offer before attending your first appointment.
3. You may only book one New Patient Experience within a 12 month period. If you have already attended a New Patient Experience, please call our front desk to find the best appointment type for you.