Tight deadlines are a pain in the neck… and jaw, and shoulders!

We helped Dianne, aged 50, who had been enduring progressive jaw, neck and shoulder pain for six weeks, and when atingling started in her 4th and 5th fingers, she decided to do something about it. At that time she had some work deadlines and was spending long periods sitting at a laptop.  After a little chat and examination, it became apparent that nerves were being irritated by a tightening of muscles in her neck and shoulder. After two treatments to improve muscle and joint mobility along the course of the affected nerve, Dianne was very pleased to report the tingling had stopped.

While talking during treatments, it came to light that the jaw pain could be related to a molar filling implanted four years previously. After some allergy testing, Dianne discovered she had an intolerance to Nickel. Her dentist replaced the filling with a different material and the jaw irritation eased.

Dianne would have been able to manage with the low grade Nickle irritation, the deadline stress or the postural muscle strain one at a time, but not all three together. Dianne decided to have regular six-weekly treatments to keep her upper back and neck mobile. She also follows some bespoke stretch exercises and good work station advice.

What did I learn from this case?

I need to keep an open mind to the many aspects of a person and the many things that could be contributing to their pain, and also to keep on looking and listening.