Mum’s Osteopathy Treatment (MOT)

Mya and LolaThis is an appeal to all mums, those still on the production line; those who have been on the road for a while; rental vehicles; and all fine vintage models.  I am encouraging you to be proactive about your health and joint mobility and book in for a MOT (Mum’s Osteopathy Treatment) with us at Health in Motion.

Mums usually come in for treatment when a condition gets really bad, i.e. they find they may be avoiding / dreading / or changing something which is a normal activity.

Before complete breakdown, mums have booked a multitude of medical appointments for their family.  The mummy motor has to keep running, I know.  But you owe it to yourself to stay in good shape for as long as possible and we believe we can help you with that.

When you book your hour-long MOT you will receive:

1.  A comprehensive structural assessment and review of your current health.

2.  Treatment comprising deep tissue massage and gentle joint mobilisation.

3.  Advice on how to take care of your fine chassis.

4.  Maintenance (exercise) plan that is tailored to your body’s requirements to strengthen and mobilise. Patients find these plans enjoyable to do and find they can fit them into their schedule without major disruption.  Once we understand what goes on in your typical day, we will tailor the plan to suit.

Don’t wait for the gifts to arrive on Mother’s Day.  Treat yourself to a well deserved MOT. Click here to book your MOT.

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Lola Phillips (Mum also in need of an MOT)