January 2016 – #Achieve2016

I havlarge (25 of 42)e never felt under pressure to make goals for the new year.  It’s usually the “last straw” that spurs me on to make big changes in my life. However, I am going to put a stake in the ground this year and set me some objectives for 2016.

The main one will be get involved in speaking for interested groups about career change and embracing the inevitable roller coaster fuelled by passion and uncertainty. Accidentally, I have shared my story about how I transitioned from a career in Accountancy to Practitioner in Osteopathy and many people have taken inspiration from it.  However, to find the time and energy to take on this extra project, I have to set a few sub goals.

Health and Fitness are at the top (as for many other people I suppose). This is something I can do with my daughter now she is of an age where we can do sporty things together.  Also she is taking a keen interest in diet and gets involved in planning the menus at home.  That helps with another goal – spend more quality time with the little lady – she is growing fast and is about to embark on the transition from junior to senior school (ouch).

A third sub goal has to cover personal organisation.  I have a lovely team working in the clinic in Ealing, so maybe now is the time to delegate more and free myself to pursue a new exciting project.  Below is an account of how we helped one of our patients #Achieve2015.

“When I came to see Lola in February I had been suffering with a debilitating knee issue for a few months. I had been to see a physiotherapist and a surgeon and I was told that I should not run again. I was recommended to see Lola at that stage. After a couple of visits I started to lightly run again and within 2 months I was back doing triathlons. I think the different approach Lola took to the treatment and the open mind that she looked at my injury with meant that she was able to determine the correct treatment for me where others had misdiagnosed and written me off.”