Headache Story

Headache Story…we will call this patient Sue

Sue came to our clinic as she was experiencing Migraines with tension and ache in the jaw and face. This was bothering them for 2 months and occurring every 2-3 days. They have suffered from migraines since 16 years old. It was affecting the quality of Sue’s daily life, distracting them from being able to concentrate at work; making them nauseous, sensitive to light and even unable to swallow properly.

How I helped them…

After a detailed assessment, it was apparent that Sue’s posture and spinal alignment were aggravating factors to the cause of her Migraines. Over 12 appointments, we worked on increasing her spinal mobility and strengthening her postural muscles in order to create a better support system for her neck and head. We also assessed her working posture/ desk set up and delved deeper into her swallowing issues; we found that the muscles around the jaw were under contracture and not functioning efficiently and affecting the biomechanics when eating and swallowing. I worked on lengthening the muscles that were dysfunctional and shortened to restore natural function and movement of the jaw. I then advised her to carry out some easy self-care exercises at home to help alongside. Another factor affecting her issues was stress, so we focused on calming her nervous system down with Diaphragm breathing and hands-on therapy.


Sue no longer has Migraines on a weekly basis. They have significantly reduced, to the point where she has not had a migraine for nearly 2 months compared to every 2-3 days. Sue was able to manage her stress with an increase and return back to her regular activity of yoga and exercise classes. She has prevented the return of her Migraines by keeping up with the strengthening exercises prescribed alongside the Diaphragm breathing.