GDPR Privacy Policy Updated May 2018

Who needs to know about our updated GDPR Privacy Policy?

Read our GDPR Privacy Policy
Read our GDPR Privacy Policy



Emails are going out to all our existing and lapsed patients to let them know about our GDPR Privacy Policy.  Lapsed patients have been invited to read the policy due to our Record Retention Policy.  Our records are kept for 7 years after the date of your last appointment.  If you are a prospective patient, you can read our privacy policy before booking your first appointment to ensure you’re happy with it.

Our GDPR Privacy Policy is for your benefit

The new regulations under GDPR benefit you in the following way;

  1. Our legal justification for retaining and using your data is explained.
  2. You have increased rights regarding our use of your data.
  3. We must explain the steps we have taken to keep your information secure.
  4. We must inform you and the regulators of any data security breaches immediately.

Do you need to take any further action regarding our GDPR Privacy Policy?

Click here to read our updated privacy policy.  Since the past 4 years, we have asked our new patients to agree to email communication and marketing when they register at the clinic.  We ask patients to give their consent again if they have not had an appointment in the previous 12 months.  This practice will continue to ensure you agree with our policy and agree to accept email marketing which you may opt out of at a future date.  If you currently receive our marketing emails then you may op out or select the type of content you are interested in.  We tend to send out the following types of email communication; Special Offers, New Services, Special Promotions.