Gait Analysis and Shoe Inserts

Gait refers to the human mechanics of walking.

Patients seek our help if they are either experiencing pain in the feet or discomfort elsewhere in the body which they suspect is linked to the way they walk.  Gait assessment and correction is a logical extension to an Osteopath’s repertoire as we are experts in human structure and function and how alteration in structure (in the feet or other areas) can alter function (gait in this case) and cause injury and eventually pain.

Often our patients do not make the connection between pain elsewhere in the body to the way they walk.  Our team of osteopaths will inform the patient of this link if it exists.


It is difficult to give general advice about what shoes are best if you are experiencing pain. Some people need a slight heel, others are happier in flats. Until you are able to come in for gait assessment and get comprehensive, tailored advice about what is best for you, we would recommend wearing what is comfortable for you.

Runners / Sports People

If you are a runner, it can be particularly helpful to have a gait assessment as any problems can be spotted before they lead to injuries.

If you are experiencing regular and ongoing pain in your feet, knees or back, a gait assessment could help you find out what the problem is and treat accordingly. Patient receive targeted osteopathic treatment to all affected areas of the body and often orthotics (a tailored shoe insert for one or both shoes) to correct gait mechanics. Physical treatment is still necessary so that the body can comfortably adapt to the new orthotic.

Orthotics  / Shoe inserts

Orthotics are made up onsite and are relatively inexpensive (£30 to £50).  You may be given a few samples to try before the prescription is made up.