Father’s Day – Gift Osteopathy or Sports Therapy


Father's Day Gift Osteopathy
Father’s Day Gift ideas

Father’s day is not far away – June 18th.  Have you decided on a meaningful gift that he will enjoy?  Why not treat him to an osteopathy or sports therapy treatment – both delivered by our expert osteopaths.

Why is Osteopathy a meaningful gift?

Whatever your Dad’s age or fitness level – he will benefit from a session of examination, treatment and exercise prescription to  help  improve and maintain the health of his muscles, joints and conective tissues.  Is he a new Dad, lifting and carrying little children?  Is he a Dad looking to get back into fitness with a lingering injury?  Is he a retired Dad, wanting to improve his tennis, golf or game of darts? Is he a stressed out Dad that has pulled something after shouting at the teenagers?

Think of your your Dad as a strong and stable rock.  The years and elements have shaped him physically.  Rain, sun, wind, snow.  Whatever the elements coming his way, your rock remains steady and our treatment will help him weather the storms ahead.

Options for Father’s Day

If your Dad has not visited the clinic before, then buy him a gift voucher for a 60 minute initial consultation which includes comprehensive examinations and treatment.

If your Dad has been to the clinic before, then treat him to a voucher for a 40 minute follow-up consultation which includes a maintenance treatment and brief examination if needed.

If your Dad is interested in Chinese acupuncture and cupping – then that is an option also.

How do I arrange this amazing gift for Father’s Day?

Book his appointment online or pop into the clinic to buy a gift voucher.

Osteopathy / Sports Therapy – £68 initial consultation

Osteopathy / Sport Therapy – £58 follow up consultation

Acupuncture + Fire Cupping £65 (initial consultation) and £55 (follow-up consultation)