Combined Osteopathy and Physiotherapy for a Business Coach

“Thank you Maitena! I am finding your combination of physiotherapy, osteopathy and acupuncture is working really well on my lower back (golf injury)” – Mark (Maidenhead)

Goals achieved for a Triathlete

“When I came to see Lola in February I had been suffering with a debilitating knee issue for a few months. I had been to see a physiotherapist and a surgeon and I was told that I should not run again. I was recommended to see Lola at that stage. After a couple of visits I started to lightly run again and within 2 months I was back doing triathlons. I think the different approach Lola took to the treatment and the open mind that she looked at my injury with meant that she was able to determine the correct treatment for me where others had misdiagnosed and written me off.”

My treatment at Health in Motion was fantastic and I have felt great since! 

Recovery from Chronic Back Pain

I had a chance to be treated by Lola as I was suffering from an acute neck pain and a long-standing lower backache. After just a few sessions my neck pain had gone and my lower backache also started to disappear. Lola has a very good knowledge of osteopathy and uses interesting tools (such as tapping) and home exercises to complement her in-session work. She is also very approachable and I would strongly recommend her as an osteopath.

Recovery from Shoulder Pain

From one day to another my shoulder was hurting and I was unable to carry out simple every day tasks. I left it for a few weeks, hoping it would “go away”, but it only got worse. Lola helped my recovery with her treatments, and also provided me with a gentle exercise programme, which suited my routine. 
Helen, mother of 2, Ealing

Ex-tennis champ back in the game

WC, a 40+ Junior Tennis Champion had to leave the game 15 years ago due to tendon injury in the shoulder.  When he returned to club level tennis, pain in his shoulder prevented him from serving and playing to his full potential.  We treated his neck, upper back, rib cage and shoulder. Kinesiology tape was used to relieve the tension in the fascia around the shoulder muscles.

“… Wonderful treatments and healing hands facilitated my return to the game after a 15-year break from pro-tennis“.