Elbow story

Elbow story…we will call the patient Joe

Joe was experiencing medial epicondylitis (Golfer’s elbow) on both elbows. This pain also referred to their wrist and into the shoulder. This injury occurred due to the type of training Joe was doing and the hypermobility in their wrists and elbows. They wanted to train and become stronger by putting their body into different positions and pushing their body to the limit, such as training through learning handstands.

How I helped them…

After finding the cause of the injury we set out goals to aim for during Joe’s course of care. Overall, they wanted to get back to training without having this pain and feel confident with doing so. Over 6 appointments we worked on calming down the pain, conditioned muscles and joints in their arms, shoulders and upper back and advised him on adapting his technique for his training to avoid further/reinjury and optimism their whole body so we could work towards their goal. Joe was great at following exercises and trusting the progress which lead to them recovering quickly and returning to training.


Joe is still training and developing their body and skills this time with a more specific approach and redefined techniques. Joe pops in for a top-up every few months to ensure they are still going down the right track.