We have made a temporary change to the way we deliver osteopathy services in response to COVID-19.  At this very difficult time, our aim is to continue to support our community in a meaningful way whilst following government guidance.  Health in Motion Osteopaths is committed to ensuring the health and safety of all visitors, patients and employees. To this end, this policy sets out steps that we are taking during this period of disruption and uncertainty.


From the rate of COVID-19 outbreak around the world, it has become clear that we are temporarily unable to continue our operations as normal.  Our volume of patient appointment has fallen significantly and our business support suppliers have reduced and re-organised their operations to cope with the crisis.


Whether you are new to the clinic or a follow-up patient, you will only be able to book a telephone/video triage consultation directly.

A triage appointment can be booked online ( or by phone (020 8991 5280).  There is no charge for this consultation.

Your selected osteopath will call you at the allocated time.  From your 10-minute conversation your osteopath will give you initial advice and confirm next steps.

Next steps may be one of the following;

  1. If you are a follow-up patient currently following a treatment plan, the triage consultation may result in reassurance, update to advice, and revision to your exercise plan (sent by email).
  2. The osteopath might recommend an in-depth 30-minute telephone / video consultation. The content of this consultation will be agreed during the triage consultation. As a result of observations (if video call) and careful questioning, this consultation will result in a bespoke exercise plan to address the issues identified in the consultation.  You will also receive advice on modifications to daily life and how to manage your pain medication if appropriate.
  3. If the triage consultation determines that you need a physical osteopathy treatment, your osteopath will recommend that you book an appoint either at the clinic or book a home visit.
  4. If your osteopath establishes that they cannot assist you beyond giving basic advice, you will be sign-posted to other services or resources.

We have risk assessment criteria and clinical need criteria to determine whether to recommend a remote telephone/video consultation, clinic visit, home visit, or sign-posting.

We prefer to carry out remote consultations as video calls on WhatApp.  If this is going to present a problem, please make note when you book the triage consultation.

There will be no fee for late cancellations during this period.  Please cancel unwanted appointments as soon as possible.


We have made changes to our services and fees during “lock down”.  Read more here


These are unprecedented times, and the above policy is a huge departure from our normal practices. We will constantly keep this policy under review and rely on your understanding and constructive feedback to get this right so it works for everyone that needs our help.


We strongly encourage all patients, visitors and employees to follow guidelines from the Public Health England on infection control, both whilst at work and in their daily lives. This includes:

  • frequently cleaning their hands by using alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water
  • when coughing and sneezing, covering mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue, throwing this tissue away immediately and washing their hands
  • avoiding close contact with anyone who has fever and cough.
  • self isolate where you suspect you have come into contact with someone who has developed any of the indicative symptoms

Since the clinic opened 5 years ago we have established procedures to prevent the spread of communicable infection. We have also introduced another tier of precautions since the coronavirus outbreak. We are following guidelines from Public Health England (PHE) regarding clinic and personal hygiene and our disinfecting procedures have been increased.


If you begin to display symptoms of the virus, you must follow Public Health England guidance to find out what to do next, which may involve internet and phone services. You should not go to your doctor’s surgery. Staff must notify the clinic at the earliest opportunity.


The Company accepts that some of its employees will have plans to travel in the near future, including pre-booked and paid for holidays. Certain countries have been identified as having been severely affected by the virus and we would therefore ask that employees consider, for their health reasons, whether travelling to these areas is the best thing to do. If a decision is made to travel, we ask that employees let their manager know of the countries to be visited so that their return can be managed appropriately.

We also ask all employees to keep themselves up to date with Government guidance on the countries which require self-isolation upon return, and bear in mind that this guidance can change on a daily basis.


If we are concerned that you may have been exposed to the virus, even though you are not displaying symptoms, we will take the decision to refuse treatment to staff or send staff home/require you not to attend work.

If, during this period of suspension, you develop symptoms, you should follow Government guidance on what to do next.


If you contract the virus, you should take and follow medical advice on the length of your isolation period and sickness absence.