Case Summaries

Low Back Pain

Susan is 40+ and getting into a new career, now that her children are both at school. Now that she spends most of the day sitting she is experiencing pain in her lower back which travels into her buttocks and her thighs. Susan had similar pain after the birth of her children. A short course of physiotherapy helped but, due to reduced muscle strength in her tummy and lower back, she has been experiencing low back pain for years.  “I know I should exercise but there’s no time. I can’t exercise while I’m in pain and I need specific advice on what I can do to help myself”.

At Health in Motion we diagnosed that weak abdominal muscles were exaggerating the curve in her lower back which caused irritation to the joint surfaces in the spine. Sitting all day with poor posture was aggravating the condition further. We mapped out her diagnosis and treatment plan, which was emailed to her after the first appointment. After 2 osteopathy sessions we gave Susan a short targeted exercise plan, something she could do at home. Susan was successfully discharged after the 5th treatment.

“I was very impressed when received written information about my condition and an illustrated exercise plan. The exercise plan was very motivating. I now feel confident to find some form of exercise that I can do regularly now that I understand what is causing the back pain.”

Knee Pain

We helped Yvonne with chronic knee pain.  She is a 45 year old work-hard play-hard executive involved in endurance sports. Yvonne came to us in a last ditch attempt to get help after all other approaches failed. Yvonne felt that a 20 year old injury and surgery for a meniscal tear was at the root of her problems. Osteopathic evaluation revealed that over contraction of the inner thigh muscles was the culprit – causing compression to the inner portion of the knee joint. After 3 treatments, Yvonne signed up for 3 triathlons and reported no pain during training for the first time in 20 years. She returns quarterly for maintenance treatment.

Pregnancy/Post-natal Postural Strain

We helped Polly aged 30, who had joint pain in her pelvis during and after pregnancy. She was diagnosed with Sacro-iliac joint dysfunction. Her treatment was aimed at gently manipulating muscles and joints to improve circulation, rebalance movement and alter load bearing in the pelvis and lower back. One treatment towards the end of the pregnancy and two after the birth was enough to alleviate the pain and heal the injured joints.  Polly was also given exercises to build core strength and improve muscle recruitment in the lower back.