Patient reactions to Osteopathy during Lockdown

Our clinic has the confidence of all who have come for treatment.  We are taking additional safety measures when providing ante-natal care and treatment for babies.  To follow are a few patient reactions to the new service.
Call us if you want to come to the clinic for treatment but are having reservations.  We are also offering video consultations for those who prefer not to come to the clinic for help.

Osteopathy during Lockdown

The clinic returned to full service on 26th May 2020.  The way we work has changed to incorporate coronavirus safeguarding measures for both patients and the team.  The main measures are.

1. Screen before seen – Upon your arrival, you will be asked a few questions to see if you have any symptoms of Covid-19.
2. PPE & hand hygiene – We have installed multiple hand sanitiser stations around the clinic, you will be required to gel your hands upon entering and leaving the clinic.
3. Clean in between – After every patient, we wipe down and clean all surfaces in our treatment rooms.
4.  Appointments Spacing – Each appointment is spaced out so that you will not meet another client in the waiting room.
You can watch the video below to see these procedures.