Arthur Horwitz, Registered Osteopath, Ealing

I am Arthur, an open-minded osteopath, with energy and positivity to encourage, support and advise you throughout your therapeutic journey. I have always wished that I could be able to provide help and solution for those who need specific care. Therefore, it comes without saying that I am exited to assist you to reach your goals.


As a French native, I decided to come to the UK to finish my studies at Greenwich University and to work in a such vibrant city as London. Being able to study in two countries as well as the multiple places I travelled around the globe gave me the opportunity to develop a thorough and deep knowledge.


I am also a sport lover. I used to be a professional football player at the Olympique Lyonnais. However, I enjoy practicing many other sports such as Tennis, skiing, surfing, running and many others. As an osteopath, I am always in motion!


Moreover, I am a food lover, I love cooking from scratch, with the best ingredients possible. I appreciate every sort of food especially when it is sourced responsibly. I am an animal and nature lover, I think every life on earth matters and we should take care of our common ship together.


I am interested in visceral, cranial and structural Osteopathy. I enjoy every aspect or approach of Osteopathy and further. I am keen to learn from every source and everyone. I like to think that within my toolbox there is always something to help everyone whether the patient is a baby, sport related or the elderly, I will always try to find the best solution to improve your life quality.