Acupuncture and Fatigue

Many of our patients complain of feeling tired all the time. This can be physical fatigue, but often occurs hand-in-hand with mental and emotional fatigue. The causes can sometimes be obvious and require simple lifestyle changes. Other times, there may be underlying health issues such as viral infection, autoimmune disease, or more serious illness which drain the body’s resources as it attempts to return to homeostasis. From a TCM point of view, chronic fatigue is often attributed to diminished Spleen Qi. The Spleen system can be thought of as the central hub of our bodies and our digestive fire. It’s where all the action happens in terms of digesting, breaking down, and assimilating nutrients from the foods which we put into our mouths so that the cells in our bodies are awash with the vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, minerals, and other essential nutrients they need to function at their best. Healthy Spleen function results in a happily fed, fully charged army of cells, ready to perform their everyday duties and enable us to live with energy and vitality. Unfortunately, many factors such as stress, poor diet, overwork, and infection can “burn out” our Spleen Qi and burn US out as a result! When the Spleen’s digestive fire is weakened, “Phlegm Damp” pathogens can easily invade the body, causing issues such as:  Chronic post-nasal drip·  Respiratory and/or skin allergies·  Chronic UTIs or yeast infections·  Gut dysbiosis (an imbalance of microbial activity· in the intestines) and digestive disorders  Mental cloudiness and/or depression·  General feeling of heaviness and fatigue·  Compromised immunity·